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AV Club

The AV Club creates learning opportunities for new and current students in the fields of Audio, Video and Still capture.
Learn how different equipment works, practice your skills, gain confidence and experience, meet industry professionals and make new contacts.

Frame+Work Competition

Winners and runners up entries to be announced 3 December 2020.

Frame + Work - T3 2020 - Water Photography Competition

The Brief

Using a high-quality camera, we challenge you to capture 3 images that showcase water. Be creative and innovative, consider the sources of water, how it can be contained, how it interacts with other elements and how its environment and motion mould it.  

You will need to sign up to Frontier to participate and submit. All entries will be shown in the gallery below and later judged for prize-winning submissions.

Submissions close midnight 15 November 2020 

Winners and runners up entries to be announced 3 December 2020.


Congratulations to Brendan Fowler-Jones for winning the Frame+Work T2 2020 competition! Details of how Brendan created his winning photo will be on the Billy Blue Blog soon. 


Brendan describes his winning photo — In the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, a rooster is being held in a rusty cage, to be transported by bicycle to be slaughtered for either religious purposes or for food. My inspiration behind this photo is to show the different ways that humans have impact of wildlife and other living creatures.

Thank you for all the amazing submissions. 

Congratulations to —

  1. Second Prize - Chloe Francis
  2. Third Prize - Adrianne Gullotta

And to the 7 highly commendable photographs in the top 10



Second Prize -  Chloe Francis 



Third Prize -  Adrianne Gullotta



Amanda Gabriel 



Samantha Pace



Mathieu Guinand



Tristan McCool




Paul Cowled



Kirrily Sly 



Danni Furnell 


Coming Soon






Trimester 3, 2020

What's New

The Ultimo and Brisbane campuses are now operational. Please note: due to state restrictions, the operating hours will be different for each campus.  

We have now added a questions tab where you can submit any technical questions you have about equipment from the Design Technology Store. Head to the tutorials and equipment page via the Library website. 

For more information and to book equipment, please head to the Design Technology Store


We have five new tutorials for students needing that extra bit of information on various pieces of equipment that is available from your design technology stores. For more information go to the Tutorials and equipment information  


Checkout our current workshops:

11 November 3.00pm-4.00pm AESTD Canon 5D MK IV  Beginners Overview


Frame + Work competition T3 is now open.