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The Brief - T3 2021 - Portraiture   

Using a camera, we challenge you to capture up to three images that include a living human subject. 

Be creative and innovative with your lighting setup, as this will allow you to capture the character and personality of your living human subject.   

Your image should be cropped no lower than the waistline. 

Submissions close midnight Sunday 14 November 2021.


Frame+Work T3 Competition is now live. Time remaining:


  Feedback -  Submit your feedback

First prize: $500                     Second prize: $300                      Third prize: $200

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- To be eligible to enter, you have to be a student at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, with a current student ID number. 
- Submitted photos must have been taken after 01 January 2021. 
- One entrant can enter up to 3 submissions. - Your entry has to be your own original photograph. Torrens University Australia has zero tolerance for plagiarism. 

Digital Manipulation

 Adjustments may be made to cropping, noise, sharpness, colour, tone and contrast, including dodging and burning and black-and-white conversions. Stitched panoramas focus stacks and HDR images are also allowed. Competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify an image if they feel it lacks authenticity due to over-manipulation. Any post-production and editing must be the work of the entrant. 

Full Terms and Conditions: By entering, you agree to the Frame+Work Terms and Conditions for this competition.

Congratulations to ROBIN GIRODON

First Prize

Image title: Fire Sky














Judge's comments:

Dramatic use of silhouette and negative space in the composition makes this a creative and unique image. 

A great capture. Original, captivating and creative



Interview with ROBIN GIRODON

What is your name and what do you study?

Robin Girodon
Diploma of Photography


2. What have you learned in your studies at Billy Blue, which has improved your skills?

I would say that starting to learn photography from the basics helped me to talk about my photography, to understand my style. It has really also helped me to improve my reading of the scene, especially with artificial light, as I had almost zero experience.


3. What equipment did you use?

Canon 5DMKII with 70-200 mm. The lense is from the school, so the school actually helped me to take my winning picture!


4. What were your settings?

• Aperture – f/4
• Shutter Speed – 1/125s
• ISO – 800
• White Balance – Auto
• Focus – AutoLock Focus
• Image Format – RAW


5. Who or what influences your work? (Passions, inspirations, motivations)

Steve McCurry, Sebasto Salgado, Michael Freeman readings, Kai Hornung, Marc Adamas, Chris Burkhard... I think my photographic reporting style is more coming from extensive readings of National Geographic and Geo magazines readings when I was a teenager.


6. How do you think Billy Blue has enabled you to keep your passion alive?

Though I have been photographing for 10 years, I never really studied photography, and I also lost myself when I came to Australia a couple of years ago. Coming back to college with Billy Blue gave me a kick in the butt to start photography from the basics, to understand what are the reasons why a photography is working, but also to work in a professional manner.


7. What's the best part about studying at Billy Blue?

I would say the ability to try a huge range of different photographic materials.


8. How did you feel when you found out you had won?

When Alex left me a message without saying more, I had a small feeling, but I didn't want to believe in yet. It's only when he called me to announce that I won that my heart started to beat pretty strong. I couldn't believe it as I never won any prices. I was so happy I couldn't even realise that I won!


Second prize

Student's name: Luke Ellicott

Image title: Parting."

Description: Ranching may not guarantee success. Around you, others have met the same fate.



Judge's comments:

  1. The subtle layering and varying textural elements come together to create an intriguing image.
  2. Good composition and balance, a nice separation of layers and colours



Third prize

Student's name: Nikola Blagojevic

Image title: Observing the landscape; Nature overpowers. 


Judge's comments:

  1.  Distinct foreground and background elements help convey a sense of place.
  2. A very emotional shot that tells a story, nice colours and a nice depth of field




Top 7.

Student's name: Justin Gittins

Image title: Heading West 

Description: I have crossed this bridge many time while heading west from the Gold Coast. The dead trees that line the banks were a result of the new dam and the water level rising. The COVID lockdown ended at 4pm so I headed west to investigate and get a late afternoon shot..


Student's name: Rebekah McCowen

Image title: Glasshouse Sunset 

Description: Taken atop Mt Ngungun at the Glasshouse Mountains (Sunshine Coast), the sunset creates an aura around neighbouring mountains Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah. As winter was setting in, nearby fires created smoke, and as the sun filtered through, brought attention to both the gradient of the surrounding land and the grandeur of our vast and beautiful country. To me, this photo is a constant reminder that there is such beauty surrounding us in our country, and as a photographer, it is my duty to celebrate this.


Student's name: Sally Jelbert 

Image title: Golden Hour - Cunningham Highway 

Description: The countryside was bathed in golden light whilst we pulled up to on the highway heading home.


Student's name: Richie Lam

Image title: Scattered Rocks 

Description: An open space with a lot of rocks


Student's name: Luke Ellicott

Image title: Freeze the Flow

Description: A pathway may seem short, but it can inspire a movement. Let not fluidity be unchallenged nor uncaptured.


Student's name: Udo Wolfgang Bucher

Image title: Coming Home

Description: I was on my way back from Sydney and decided to travel on side roads rather than the expressway. I saw this scene coming down Lawrence Hargrave Drive on the way to Stanwell Park when I spotted this scene. It was raining, and this steep roadway downwards provided no opportunities to park. I thought the landscape to nice not to have a go, so I precariously walked back up the hill withing the gutter along the uphill side of the road. Once i got to the top I started walking back down, selecting three locations for pictures along the way. This image was the central shot. 


Student's name: Rach Zwarenstein

Image title: As the fog flows

Description: Waking up at 4 am has its perks. Before the sun had risen we drove down to the racecourse in Bathurst to watch the sunrise and the day begin


Judge's comments on the top 7 images:

Lighting in landscape shots is strongly dependent on the time of day and vantage point chosen by the photographer. Also, given the wider angles typically used, composition and framing is also critical. Each of the Top 10 images utilised one or more of these techniques effectively.

Frame+Work Competition


Newsletter T3, 2021

Are you a new student just starting your design journey here at Torrens University, or an experienced user wanting to expand your skills by trying something new? The Design Technology Store is looking forward to supporting you through online advice, scheduled workshop sessions and, where possible, on-campus services.

Our team has worked hard behind the scenes to bring fresh updates to the Online Workshop Program for T3. Stay tuned, the new schedule will be up soon!

Also, keep an eye out for the announcement of Frame + Work Competition Winners for T2, and get involved when the New Brief for T3 goes live.

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