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Academic Integrity - FACELESS CROWD: Home


Welcome to The Face Less Crowd Virtual Exhibition!

This virtual experience has been designed especially for you as online students. As you navigate through the untold stories of students at Torrens University, embrace the advice and support resources provided. As students we want you to succeed in your educational journey. This will help educate you on the best way how.

Below you will find two options to experience the exhibition - through a guided video where you can just sit back and relax or through our virtual model, where you are the driver of the exhibition. This second option will allow you to explore at your own pace. 


Virtual Exhibition Flythrough

Experience the Face Less Crowd Exhibition virtually in this video flythrough.

Virtual Exhibition Model

Experience the virtual model at your own pace. Please refer to the instructions below:

1) Once model has successfully loaded on the page, click on the button '3D' (bottom left corner) to start the 3D Presentation. Then click ‘Present’ (top right corner) to start.
2) Click on the down arrow button to move to the next scene.
3) Use the scroll button mouse to zoom in and out of the scene if you need.

Below are some additional resources to support your journey of understanding Academic Integrity.

1) Academic Integrity Quiz - Test your knowledge of AI in a 10 multiple choice quiz. Try and achieve the perfect score

2) Digital Booklet - This is an academic integrity guide which includes stories, resources and academic integrity definitions.

3) FAQS - We’re sure you’ve got questions so hopefully this helps you.