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Databases are search tools for articles, journals, and other industry-specific publications.

How to find the right Database

The library has access to over 100 databases, each database has slightly different coverage, the tricky part is to search in a database that covers your subject area. 

Here are a couple of ways to find out which database to search in:

  • Ask Us - Library staff can help point you to which database you should be using
  • Check your Subject Guide - Subject Guides have information and tools for specific subjects.  Your guide will have a number of the recommended databases. 
  • Start with a large database like: Ebsco or ProQuest - These databases cover a range of subjects including the design, health, business, education, and hospitality. Sometimes, you will need to go into a more subject-specific database to find specialized information. 

Accessing databases

Find a complete list of our databases on our Databases A-Z page.

Subscribed databases

A subscribed database is a collection of resources you can only access via the library.

These databases contain articles that you won't find online for free.

Subscribed databases are included in our A-Z Database list.

Open Access

Open Access refers to academic publications that are free to access. 

Open Access databases and journals are included in our A-Z Database list.