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Torrens Copyright Guide

Torrens is committed to the observance of copyright law, and upholding the rights of creators and users. Students and staff are obliged to comply with the law as individuals; and the University is committed to compliance in its dealings with copyright material.

This guide is structured according to the purpose for which you are using copyright material:

  1. General information:
    refer to this section to acquaint yourself with the basics of copyright and your obligations.
  2. Teaching support:
    refer to this section if you are a staff member concerned with teaching or supplying resources to students.
  3. Study or research:
    refer to this section if you are a student, or a member of staff concerned with your own study or research.
  4. Publishing and communicating:
    refer to this section if you are concerned with publishing in any medium.
  5. Performing in public:
    refer to this section if you are concerned with organising or performing at events.
  6. Copyright for the Library and Accessibility Services
  7. Copyright in New Zealand

Printable Documents

Quick reference sheets

  • For staff: If you are a new staff member and need a quick summary to get you started, consult the information sheet .

Contact Details

Alison Scott
University Copyright Officer
Library & Learning Services

This LibGuide is based the QUT Copyright Guide retrieved on 17 June 2020 from
The information has been adapted and reproduced with kind permission of QUT.

Information provided does not constitute legal advice, only general information on copyright issues.
If you require expert or legal advice on copyright, you should seek the services of a legal professional.