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Teaching Support

The Teaching section of this guide is addressed to staff only. It outlines what Torrens University Australia and its affiliated institutions (TUA) is able to do with copyright material in its role as an educational provider. You operate under these guidelines if your purpose is to teach students or otherwise support the educational purpose of the University.

The Copyright Act 1968 has special provisions that enable the use of copyright material for educational purposes, without permission from the copyright owners. This is known as the educational statutory licence set out section 113P (Part IVA Division 4) of the Copyright Act (formerly Part VB). What you may do depends on the nature of the source material and the method of delivery to students.

The Library is in the process of implementing eReserve to facilitate the creation of subject reading lists, and once implemented all copies made under the statutory licence will be delivered to students via a centralised subject reading repository (linked through BlackBoard). Always link to library resources, rather than reproducing them.