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Internet Resources

All material on the internet such as text, graphics, spoken word, podcasts, video and music is protected by copyright in the same way as any other form of published material. The easiest approach is to avoid making copies and instead, give your students the web address of the material so they can access it themselves.  The educational statutory licence applies to all text and graphic works on the internet which is explained in Text and images.

Many openly available websites contain copyright notices such as '©XYZ Pty Ltd 2007 All rights reserved', or a statement saying that the content may be copied or saved for personal use only. Nevertheless, you can copy from the open web for educational purposes following the limits in the statutory licence, even if there is a copyright notice on the website that would otherwise make the copying an infringement.

Unfortunately, there are many websites and filesharing programs which make material available without permission of the copyright owners. You should not knowingly direct or link students to infringing copies. This can expose you and the University to allegations of 'authorising' copyright infringement. If you are suspicious about the legality of a website, seek further advice from the University Copyright Officer.

Textbook Instructor Content

If you can access copyright material only by agreeing to accept certain terms and conditions which prevent certain types of uses, you should comply with those terms and conditions. For example, PowerPoint slides and other resources are often made available by publishers on textbook instructor companion sites. The person who registers with the publisher’s website to gain access to these instructor resources does so by agreeing to specified terms and conditions of use. These conditions usually require agreement to set the textbook as a prescribed text for a certain size student cohort who are expected to purchase the book. TUA is unable to agree to the setting of prescribed texts in this manner.

To use any content accessed from a website governed by click-to-agree terms and conditions, you must have explicit permission for use by TUA on BlackBoard, and if obtained, the permission should be lodged with the University Copyright Officer to