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TV and radio

At present, TUA has opted NOT to enter into a remuneration agreement with Screenrights (the relevant collecting society) so TUA cannot rely on the educational statutory licence in the Copyright Act to copy and communicate television and radio broadcast material to students. If you need to use a content broadcast on TV or radio, you may need to purchase a commercial copy and arrange permission to communicate it to your students. Discuss audio-visual resourcing with your Head Librarian.

Podcasts of free-to-air radio and TV programs made available online by a broadcaster can be linked to just like any other internet resource. (And just like any other internet resource, the links may be temporary, or move.) Whether or not you can make a copy and communicate such material will depend on the terms and conditions of use of the material set out on the website, but generally audio-visual items must not be copied or uploaded as media files on BlackBoard without explicit permission from the copyright holders.