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Open Education Resources

"Open Education Matters: Why is it important to share content?" by Nadia Mireles on YouTube is licensed CC BY 3.0.

This video introduction to Open Education Resources illustrates the opportunities that can be realised when teaching and learning resources are open licensed to facilitate global distribution, reuse, and local revision.

"Open Education Resources (OERs) are educational materials which are licensed in ways that provide permissions for individuals and institutions to re-use, adapt and modify the materials for their own use. OERs can, and do include full courses, textbooks, streaming videos, exams, software, and any other materials or techniques supporting learning." - OER Foundation definition.

OERs use open licences such as Creative Commons Licences to make the content publicly available. Open licences preserve the creator's intellectual property rights whilst giving permission in advance for the material to be used, subject to certain defined conditions. Such licences may provide the user with the right to reproduce, copy, adapt and communicate the materials under specified terms or conditions.

OER and open textbooks are already in use in TUA courses. The inclusion of open textbooks in courses is a new approach to providing learning resources. The ability to adapt open textbooks to create localised, customised content is a new opportunity. Selection and acquisition of open textbooks is different from selection and acquisition of traditional published academic texts. Creation or adaptation of open textbooks will require technical and production support to authors which is different from traditional academic publishing.

Open Textbooks

The Growing Commons. [image of webpage] Retrieved September 3, 2020, from


These are mostly US or Canadian sources, but some subjects are universally the same; or, under Creative Commons licences content can be localised.

Open Textbook Library - Free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks including a listing of Open Textbooks by Subject.

BCampus OpenEd - A collection of open textbooks aligned with the top 40 highest-enrolled subject areas in the British Columbia, Canada. They provide a listing of Open Textbooks by Subject.

OpenStax College - Textbooks are developed and peer-reviewed by educators to ensure they are readable, accurate, and meet the scope and sequence requirements of courses. Licensed CC BY.

Attribution: These resources are an adaptation of Education/Open Education Resources, by Creative Commons,, licensed CC BY 4.0).