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Films, videos and DVDs

Films, videos and DVDs may only be shown in lectures and tutorials only if you have the relevant permission to do so, or if it is covered under a licence. This applies whether they were purchased, borrowed from the library or hired.

Unfortunately, as a private university, TUA is not able to take advantage of the exception offered to most educational institutions under section 28 of the Copyright Act, which deems performances ‘in class’ in the course of educational instruction not to be a performance in public, so long as the audience is limited to those taking part in the instruction (i.e. University staff and students only - no parents or other guests). This exception is only available to not-for-profit institutions.

There is no “reasonable amount” limit for educational use of any audio-visual materials, including films, videos, animations, music and sound recordings.

These items should not be copied or uploaded onto BlackBoard without explicit permission from the copyright owner. Avoid recording classes where audio-visual materials are being shown or played.

If permission is obtained to use audio-visual materials on BlackBoard, it should be lodged with the University Copyright Officer for recordkeeping, by email to You may like to ask your Head Librarian for help finding alternative resources or licensed content within the library collection.