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Whenever you communicate text and images to students in reliance on the statutory education licence you should give a full attribution for the resource (in appropriate reference style) and attach this warning notice

The wording of the notices is prescribed in Regulations under the Copyright Act and may not be changed. There is nothing in the Regulations about precisely where the notice must be placed or how large it has to be. However, the notice must appear on the screen before or at the same time as the copied material. It is not acceptable to offer the notice as a click through link that gives the viewer the option to bypass it. The notice does not have to appear on a printout from the electronic version.

These notices should be used only with material copied in reliance on these parts of the Copyright Act.

You do not need to attach this notice to resources from the Library (which should be linked to, rather than copied) or other resources where you have permission to communicate them to students.


Copyright Regulations 1969
This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Torrens Global Education Services in accordance with section 113P (Part IVA Division 4) of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.
Do not remove this notice