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What is PASS?

PASS is a free program that offers structured and fun group learning sessions for some of the courses that students find to be more challenging. The weekly one hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run all trimester. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the course and who have completed a nationally accredited training program. All PASS sessions will be running online

For more information about the timetable or about PASS, please contact

PASS T2 2023


The PASS T2 timetable will be released once the trimester commences - please check for updates! 

Business PASS Subjects: T2 2023

All times are in AEST

Design PASS Subjects: T2 2023

All times are in AEST

Health PASS Subjects: T2 2023

All times are in AEST

For more information about PASS or the upcoming T2 2023 timetable, please email


You can also view the full PASS calendar here:

What can PASS do for you?

Participating in PASS helps you:

  • improve your grades
  • understand your course content
  • break down complex ideas
  • develop closer relationships with your fellow students
  • learn what and how to learn
  • work better in a team
  • save time with smarter study methods

How do I attend a PASS session?

- To join, simply attend a scheduled class! No registration required 
- Email for more information about how PASS sessions work