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Want to be part of the PASS team?

We are always on the lookout for new students who want to be part of the PASS leader team! Applications are currently open for 2023 and we are always interested to hear from potential leaders!


What is a PASS leader?

The role of PASS leader is a paid role, that involves planning and leading weekly study sessions with students and create both an engaging and relevant peer-learning environment.

During these PASS sessions, you will:

  • Utilise PASS peer learning models and theories (covered in training) 
  • Guide group discussion and encourage successful problem solving, without providing answers or re-teaching
  • Model effective study skills in particular discipline areas
  • Facilitate a learner-centred, interactive, engaging and supportive learning environment

A full job description can be found here:

Why become a PASS leader?

The role of a PASS leader can be a valuable addition to your CV, as it allows you to utilise your skills in:

-          Leadership

-          Teamwork

-          Communication and interpersonal skills

-          Problem solving

-          Accepting and applying feedback

-          Creative thinking

Testimonials from previous PASS leaders

“My experience as a PASS leader was very fulfilling because of the satisfaction in seeing improvements in learning process of students, as well as seeing their enjoyment when a concept is understood during a PASS session. The sessions definitely play a role in improving student motivation in the subject.”

-          Biochem PASS leader


How do I apply for the role?

Simply upload your CV and short covering letter below highlighting your reason for applying for the role and which PASS subject you were interested in leading. 

Please note you must be a current enrolled student in 2023 in order to apply for the role.

We are currently hiring leaders for T3 2023 and welcome applications for the following subjects:

HSP102 (Human Structures and Physiology)

HBC205 (Human Biochemistry)

TUM202 (Therapeutic Use of Medicines)

CAP203 (Care of the Acutely Ill Person)

CCA206 (Care of Children and Adolescents)