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Mendeley is a reference manager and a citation tool which can save you time and help organise your references.

You will need to create an Elsevier account to use Mendeley.

Instructions on installing and using Mendeley can be found here. Mendeley can be downloaded here.

Study Success Workshop schedule includes sessions on how to use Mendeley.

Annotating/Note-taking with Mendeley

  • Make annotations to PDF articles using the highlight and comment tools. Collect highlights across multiple PDFS.
  • Use Mendeley Notebook to compile synopses for reference abstract and articles


Introduction to Mendeley

The Introduction to Mendeley, Reference Manager video below is a recording of the Study success workshop.

If you are interested in learning how to:

  • Install Mendeley
  • Connect your Google Chrome browser to your Mendeley account
  • Add citations from Library databases 
  • Use Mendeley to create citations and reference lists in your assessment tasks using Microsoft Word.

Then watch this video.

Advanced Mendeley Workshop

Watch this video for a more indepth look at Mendeley and how it connects with Microsoft word. This video focuses on correcting errors in your references and using Mendeley to make global changes to your citations in word.

Study Success Mendeley Workshops

Visit the Study Success Schedule to see this week's Mendeley workshops.

Mendeley Support

For support please visit Mendeley's support centre:

Explore Mendeley tools, community and discover groups, people and institutions that use Mendeley