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Responsibility for compliance

All activities where copyright materials are created and used

It is the responsibility of all students and staff to comply with copyright law.


TUA is committed to compliance with Australian copyright law. All copying at TUA (paper, digital or otherwise) must be permitted by a relevant licence, or covered under the statutory education licence or fair dealing provisions in the Copyright Act. It is important that you are familiar with this Copyright Guide. It is your responsibility to avoid copyright infringement.

The following uses of copyright materials for teaching purposes do not infringe copyright:

  • providing a link to materials on the Internet
  • posting materials that are in the public domain (i.e. the term of copyright has expired)
  • posting materials created by you as a TUA learning facilitator, or for which TUA owns copyright in
  • posting materials where the appropriate licences exist or permissions have been obtained, for example, materials published under a Creative Commons licence
  • posting materials that are covered under the statutory education licence provisions (s113P) of the Copyright Act (on an appropriate password protected system)

Australian copyright law does not provide a stand-alone exception for quotation. However, use of insubstantial amounts of copyright do not infringe copyright. Always reference quoted materials appropriately.


TUA is committed to compliance with Australian copyright law. All copying at TUA (paper, digital or otherwise) must be permitted by the relevant licence or covered under the education exceptions or fair dealing provisions in the Copyright Act.

Unless marked otherwise, learning and teaching materials in TUA Blackboard/Canvas, including lecture notes and slides, are protected by copyright. These may be used for your own individual study only. All other uses, including posting to student note or assignment writing websites are strictly prohibited. TUA will assert ownership of these materials. 

Students should note that uploading assessment work to websites or group chat sites or apps is also a breach of TUA's Academic Integrity Policy, as it may lead to other students submitting plagiarised work, which is considered collusion (whether knowingly and intentionally, or not).

The University Copyright Officer is available to provide advice on how to use copyrighted materials without infringement, in particular for higher degree by research students.

Compliance at TUA

TUA promotes the legitimate use of copyright materials to enrich its learning, teaching and research activities.

TUA considers substantiated breaches of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) by any member of the community seriously and appropriate penalties will be applied in accordance with the, Student Conduct Policy and Staff Misconduct Policy

An accurate, current and accessible record must be kept of all permissions sought, gained and refused in relation to the TUA use of copyright works and other subject matter. Please send a copy of any permissions sought for teaching purposes to the University Copyright Officer for recordkeeping.