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Being a Publisher

You may find yourself in the role of publisher if you manage a website, maintain a personal website, edit a journal, issue conference proceedings, or undertake any other kind of publishing activity.

(This does not include staff distributing teaching materials to students refer to the Teaching support section of this guide.)

As a publisher, you must make sure you have the permission of the copyright owner for each and every work (article, paper, book, photograph, map, video, sound file etc) that you plan to include in your website or other publication. Permissions must be obtained in writing – email is acceptable – and filed for future reference. If publishing on behalf of TUA, please send a copy to the University Copyright Officer for recordkeeping.

Assessment work produced by students is protected by copyright and as a general rule the owner is the student, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary. Showcasing student work in a University website or publication, should only be done with permission from the students. 

In dealing with authors’ works, you also have an obligation to respect their moral rights. Moral rights are personal rights that still belong to an author even if the copyright in the work belongs to someone else. For more information on moral rights consult the section Plagiarism and moral rights in this guide.

If you are establishing a website or other publishing operation, or organising a conference, you should have a publication agreement with your authors and other contributors. You need to obtain sufficient rights and assurances from them to ensure the ongoing viability of your publication. For further advice, consult the University Copyright Officer.