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This guide will help you to find and use all the available useful sources to help you get just what you need fast!

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Here you can access helpful catalogue searches, where we've completed some of the first steps to get you started in your searching.

TIP - When searching topics with two or more terms it is best to use phrase searching. By adding quote marks such as "Chinese medicine" or "traditional Chinese medicine" you will be searching for those exact terms, next to one another, rather than randomly found throughout a text.​

Featured resource

Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine (21 book series) Kindle Edition

Series: Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine of over 20 ebooks covers conditions commonly treated by Chinese medicine practitioners, using a "Whole Evidence Assessment" approach. Evidence in classical Chinese medicine textbooks are reviewed, contemporary clinical experimental evidence evaluated rigorously, and the outcomes of Clinical trials analyzed and synthesized using the internationally recognised Cochrane-GRADE approach.


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