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Library updates

Australian Injectable Drug Handbook

We are delighted to announce the Library now has access to the Australian Injectable Drug Handbook

The most comprehensive handbook of its kind, the AIDH provides up-to-date information on injectable medicines that will be useful in daily nursing practice.

  • The 7th edition contains information on over 450 injectable medicines, including 65 antineoplastic medicines. It includes the addition of 23 new medicines, 5 anti-venoms and information about the composition and uses of the different intravenous fluids. All monographs from the sixth edition have been reviewed and updated.
  • The introduction has been expanded to include information about extravasation, intravenous fluids and sample infusion-rate calculations.
  • There is an increased focus on warnings and patient monitoring. Antineoplastic monographs are no longer in a separate section and are now listed along with all the other monographs in alphabetical order. They are still distinguished by the antineoplastic banner on the side of the page.


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New resources

IMGateway Drug Interaction Checker

The IMGateway tool allows you to check for any interactions between a large selection of herbal remedies and prescription medications.

Health Ebook Collection

Ebook library of 9 key texts in the health discipline, including:

  • Analysing Health Policy
  • Herbs and Natural Supplements
  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Understanding the Australian Health Care System

New Blackmores MT (Mineral Therapy) App

The Blackmores Mineral Therapy App provides tools to assist Mineral Therapies practitioners determine suitable MT therapies for body systems such as skin, blood, respiratory system, nervous system, muscular and skeletal system etc.

Download the app: iTunes / Google Play