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This guide will help you to find and use all the available useful sources to help you get just what you need fast!

Starting Your Search

Here you can access helpful catalogue searches, where we've completed some of the first steps to get you started in your searching.

​TIP - If you are wanting to search all the derivatives of Nutrition such as nutrition, nutritional, nutritionally, or nutritionalist. Use truncation (e.g. nutrition*) to make sure you are finding everything.

Featured resources


nPod, Naturopathic Product Online Database, is a searchable platform of professional prescribing information for Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition.  Designed for Australian and New Zealand practitioners, you can:

  • - search for a substance, product or illness
  • - compare up to 5 different products at once
  • - print directly from the prescribing list for your clients
  • - add and save your individual protocols for future use
  • - find a specific product, RRP and distributors
  • - filter to view specific specific product types (e.g. nutritional or herbal)

nPod also provides each graduate a year's free subscription as a graduation gift! You just need to email nPod at upon graduation. provides independent, unbiased, evidence-based information on probiotics, their potential risks, and documented benefits. 

This is just a selection of the thousands of ebooks available

Nutrition students have access to

Learning Facilitators for subjects which require the use of Foodworks will supply the Library with a student list, and the Library will then register each student. 

This will generate individual email invitations to join Foodworks Online.

If you haven't received an invitation, and believe you are eligible, please contact your Learning Facilitator in the first instance.

Once you have created an account you will have access to Foodworks Online through the Torrens University subscription as long as you are enrolled in applicable subjects.

FoodWorks Tutorial Videos and Introductory Guides to help you get started.

Also check out the new Quick-start videos that step you through the basics of using Foodworks so you can get going with confidence.

Use to create diet records, recipes, meal plans and foods:

- Compare nutrient analyses to Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) including RDIs​

- See the major sources of a nutrient/component in the diet/recipe

- For a specific nutrient, show the contribution of each food/ingredient to the result

- See energy (macro-nutrient) and fat ratios

- Analyses include energy, macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and food groups and components.


Nutrition Databases

New Nutrition Items

Pediatric Nutrition

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Nutrition for the Older Adult

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