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The words Sports Development next to a man in gym clothes lying on top of a small ball placed under his right armpit

This guide will help you to find and use all the available useful sources to help you get just what you need fast!

Begin with Library Catalogue

When you get your first assignment, look for information on your topic in Library Catalogue – the Library’s search engine.

Go to:

Some suggested terms to use

​TIP - When searching topics with two or more terms it is best to use phase searching. By adding quote marks to your searches, such as "sports massage" you will be searching for those exact terms, next to one another, rather than randomly found throughout a text.​


Depending on your assignment you may also need to use one of our specialised databases. Databases are extremely useful tools for researching specific information, recent information and scholarly articles.

This is just a selection of the thousands of ebooks available

Health Databases

New Sport Development Items

Building a wellness business that lasts.

Stollmeyer, R.  (2021).